Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Child Support Agency

Why is it that the Child Support Agency do not what to listern to parents that do not have custody of their children?

Are they set Government targets to how much money they can extract then these parents and thus provide a lower quality of care from the parents to the children when they have the children?

To me it seem's that they are not at all interested in what I do or provide for my girls except that I should pay vast amounts of money to their mother which in turns means she receives all the money and yet the school and myself have my girls more than she does!!

If I pay what the CSA insists I pay, that means I will end up seeing my girls less, when they are with me I can't do much with them and not buy them clothes and toys they want I will not be able to afford to do these things that I currently do!!

If you think about - why do the CSA come after fathers and mothers who do not have custody but you never hear about the CSA/Social Services coming after the parents of children which are in care? Surely this is the same thing??

I wonder how many other mothers and fathers are in the same position as myself?


A question I would like to really find an answer for is...........

"Why do we pay money into Europe???"

If we are continually paying money into the EU gravy train and we get less money back, why do we not just retain the money and invest it ourselves here in the UK?